How to respond when your parents get dementia(English edition)

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How to respond when your parents get dementia(English edition)

Today, I would like to think about “what should I do?” When my parents get dementia.

It is surprising that many people do not know about it when it comes to the introduction of the industry of the work that you usually do while you make it a long topic and 100 years of life.

Even with care workers, since the life counselor and care manager (generally known as care manager) do the clerical work, the field workers like us do not have to suffer from such procedures. It is very helpful in a sense. (The splendor of the Japanese system, in which the back office work is properly divided, can be appreciated by objectively knowing it)

As I am, it is possible for those who work in the field to feel free to consult with people of such occupations in the same organization. If you live in a different place you can get some advice. I think that such a sense of security is a benefit to people working in other industries.

So, this time, I would like to provide information on the consultation desk.

If you feel that you are living in the same residence as your parents and you feel strange or suspicious behavior is seen in the hospital, doctors who can treat dementia can have various things such as neurology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, and internal medicine. It belongs to the medical department. In addition, it seems good to consult the medical institution you usually take care of.

Or it seems that it is common to consult local government office, welfare section.

Of course, I also recommend that you consult with a living counselor or care manager, such as a nursing home where I work.

You might think, “If you consult with a nursing home in your neighborhood, you may not get rid of it,” but care managers and others can be replaced because they are “don’t feel good.” Japan also has a long-term care insurance system more than you think.

Please do not worry about care issues alone, please consult with a light feeling that you will be solved in society.

Surely I think things will go easier than I thought. Please hit the door of the facility easily.

I also decided to search the web this time if my parents got dementia, but I concluded that I do not need to worry too much.

vLet’s finish it around here today.



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